Maleny Music Weekend

The end of August in Maleny sees the Maleny Music Festival, a three-day gathering of music lovers, performers and street entertainers that promises (and delivers) to be a weekend of wild fun. The event happens the last weekend of August.

This year sees the return lots of smaller bands who perform a mixture of eclectic jazz fusion Celtic beatbox hipster microbrewery soundtrack muzak that can’t fail to get the crowds jumping. Or something.

Friendly atmosphere

There might be a wild sort of vibe, but it’s a friendly and welcoming sort of wild, with all sorts of musical tastes catered for, as well as all age ranges. The festival starts getting warmed up on the Friday night, before the headlining events and acts on the Saturday. Saturday night is, in fact, Hat Night, so make sure you’ve got your most bonkers headgear back from the dry cleaner in time!

One of the best things about the Maleny Music Festival is that it’s surprisingly cheap and flexible to go to. A three-day ticket costs from just $125 (add an extra fiver for camping) for adults; youth tickets (ages 13-17) are around half the price of an adult ticket.

If you fancy a powered camping session, add an extra $10 onto your budget – can’t be bad, eh?

Something for the children

The festival is now in its sixth year and last year’s event saw the addition of a special children’s programme, which is repeated this year. There’s also a relaxed, friendly space for people to get together to sing and perform their own music, away from the stages.

Why not volunteer?

Very much a community event, the festival encourages people to volunteer to work there in return for a ticket. You only need to work for eight hours over the entire weekend, so why not give it a go? If you’re too late to apply this year, there’s always 2018!


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