Spend a Romantic Weekend in the Hinterland

If you’re newly-wed, or just getting to know one another, or even if you fancy some time away from the children to reconnect, one of the best places to head to is the Sunshine Coast. This region has everything you could ask for in a romantic weekend getaway – seclusion, an unhurried pace of life, beautiful scenery, things to do and see and most importantly, some amazing, intimate accommodation.

Set yourselves apart

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is well-known for its range of cottage complexes and small, boutique hotels and guesthouses. These places offer luxurious, well-appointed and well-stocked accommodation for their guests, whatever the occasion, from visiting family to a big wedding. What’s great about the area is that it’s near to Maleny and Montville, two towns that have lots to see, do and experience. On the other hand, if a weekend spent solely in each other’s company is in order, then you can have all the privacy you need. You won’t even need to go the shops if you don’t want to!

Enjoy the dining

There’s not many chain restaurants in the Hinterland, which usually comes as a relief. Instead, you’ll find a range of independent, unique and top-notch bistros, cafes and restaurants there. There’s also farm shops and grocery stores – all off the corporate track!

Take in the art

If it’s a quiet weekend without the kids, then you should grab the opportunity to head to an art gallery or a pottery workshop – without interruption. You could pick up a painting or a pot from an up-and-coming artist as a memento of your weekend break – you never know, it might be worth a fortune one day…

Have a drink

Another Sunshine Coast Hinterland feature is its vineyards – many of which hold wine tasting tours and days to visitors. Some, like the Flame Hill Vineyard, have on-site restaurants so you can relax with some great food to enjoy that new wine you just discovered.



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