Getting Away from It All



The Importance of Getting Away from It All

Most of us lead lives that are stressful beyond the wildest dreams of our forefathers. We commute for hours and when we get home we still have work to catch up on. At weekends we ferry the kids around to parties and sports matches; there’s shopping, cooking, cleaning and planning the week ahead and on a Sunday evening we might just get some time to ourselves.

The trouble with this lifestyle is that it’s a fast-track to burnout. We think we’re oh-so productive and important but what we actually are is enslaved to our jobs and to trying to balance our home, social and work life. It isn’t possible– something always gets the rough end and it’s usually ourselves.

Take back control

Sometimes, we have to just stop. Look around, smell the roses, sit awhile and all those other clichés. It’s also a really good idea to remove ourselves from our everyday life at least once a year and go somewhere where there’s no link to our jobs, housework and other responsibilities. Somewhere where there’s just ourselves and some free time – time that we decide how to fill.

It’s not laziness

Spending time away from our screens, our to-do list and our mobiles is vital for physical and mental health. Just having nothing to do but go for walks, cook food from scratch and catch up on each other for a few days is like a holiday for the soul as well as the body. Problems melt away for a day or so; in fact, some problems are actually solved by a bit of distance and mind-clearing.

It’s not laziness, it’s recharging and it’s essential to our creativity, energy levels and even our immune systems, as well as our relationships. If you really feel the need to gaze at some mountains rather than spreadsheets for a few days, then Maleny’s Blue Summit Cottages could be just what the doctor ordered.

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