Winter on the Range

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland offers some of Australia’s most stunning and varied scenery and the Glass House Mountains are a major draw for people from all over the continent, all year round.

These mountains are amazing-looking volcanic crags, 64km north of Brisbane. Captain James Cook was the first European to see them, in 1770 – he also named them.

Warm, welcoming climate

The great thing about the Glass House mountain area is that it has comfortable temperatures all year round. In the summer it ranges from 16-34C and in winter it’s 10-28C, so winter would make the perfect time to visit for anyone who isn’t a committed sunseeker!

Lots of walks

The region is famous for its many scenic walks and nature trails. There are lots to choose from, of varying lengths and ability levels, as well as lots of opportunities for rock climbing and learning about Aboriginal history. There’s also the Glass House Mountains National Park to explore, or you could head to the Beerburrum State Forests, where you’ll find lookout points and lots of picnic areas. Some of the scenery is just breathtaking, so make sure your camera is ready for action!

Another good thing about the Hinterland is its luxurious and unique accommodation – if you’ve been out hiking in winter, just imagine how good it’ll feel to return to the log fire at one of the Blue Summit Cottages…

If you’re done walking…

When you’ve completed all the trails, picnics, climbs and rambles you can handle, then you could try out Australia Zoo. This zoo was established by the late, great Steve Irwin and it’s now being run by his family. It’s got crocodiles, as well as otters, elephants, camels, lizards, storks, cheetahs, cassowaries… If you can name it, you can probably watch it being fed (the crocodile feeding shows are very popular), or you can wander around at your own pace and to your own schedule, taking in the wonders of Australian wildlife.


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